Configuring V2Ray/Shadowsocks subscribe function on Linux Server

Configuring V2Ray/Shadowsocks subscribe function on Linux Server

Subscribe function has been supported by many anti-censorship clients like Shadowrocket, V2rayN etc. Users are only required subscribe certain URL to import batch of configurations and update it at any time. Here will introduce how to implement subscribe function at your server (it even ok if you don’t have a server, you can also upload it onto other websites to implement the function)

1: Configuration format

The subscribed URL could be http or https. It returns a text string encoded in base64, with a lists of configurations again encoded in base64.

The format of v2ray:

V2ray configuration is written in JSON format.

"ps": "some name",
"add": "",
"port": "32000",
"id": "1386f85e-657b-4d6e-9d56-78badb75e1fd",
"aid": "100",
"net": "tcp",
"type": "none",
"host": "",
"tls": "none"
Field Name Meaning
ps given name of server
add server address
net network protocol (tcp/kcp/ws)
type camouflage type (none\http\srtp\utp\wechat-video)
host camouflaged host

Some fields above like type and host can be omitted

The format of shadowsocks

Shadowsocks and ShadowsocksR configuration is written in specific format:

# format:
# example:



Note that suffix_base64 part is again encoded in base64. It contains parts like obfuscation parameters, protocol parameters, remarks etc. Before encoded, it is like this:


2: Encoding mechanism

First we encode all your configurations into base64

cat [your config] | base64 >> config64.txt

Now the config64.txt file is like something below, this contains two configurations separated by newline symbol \n (of course your configuration should be much longer than mine):


Then We add protocol type of them at the start of each line:


And encode it with base64 again:

cat config64.txt | base64 > final.txt

Now we have finally finished generating the sharing text.

3: Put the sharing text on web

There are number of ways you can upload this text onto internet. You can use netlify, Github Gist or you own linux server. After posting the sharing text onto internet, you can type the URL with http:// or https:// protocol to access the subscription.

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